Those hackers can hack off.

Those hackers can hack off.

Over the last few weeks there seems to have been an increase of hacked WordPress sites and I’ve been called upon to remove lovely links about making your ‘member bigger’, or finding a bride offshore who will love you from now until forever.

My words of wisdom to anyone who’s website runs on WordPress, would be to make sure that you always update to the latest version.  They don’t just update it periodically to make it look jazzier and spangly – the updates generally contain patches to mend any flaws in security that have cropped up, be it in the WordPress framework or popular plugins that you may run.

Also, do the obvious of changing your password every month or so and pick something ridiculously complex – take a number, times it by 32,067, add some numbers, add your porn star name and finish it off with some crazy punctuation.

Lastly, it’s worth thinking about running a security plugin such as Bulletproof Security, or set your website to run through CloudFlare.  These can identify potential attacks and block the evil IP addresses.  If you need any help setting these up – just ask and we’ll happily help.

Basically – hackers, can hack off.  Unless of course they’re Jonny Lee Miller.